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Government agencies, innovation hubs, local service partners  and others are part of an important ecosystem to support global innovation in Brazil

Government Building

International Government Agencies

Government agencies are the foundational pillar to fostering global economic development, promoting international trade, and supporting businesses across various sectors. Their activities encompass trade promotion, market access, innovation support, economic analysis, and ensuring a regulatory environment conducive to business success

Typical top 3 collaboration initiatives:

  • Develop a strategy for market entry

  • Obtain market and competitive intelligence info

  • Identify local partners and buyers

International Innovation hubs

Innovation hubs provide dynamic catalysts for creativity and collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas can flourish, startups can thrive, and established companies can embrace innovation

Typical top 3 collaboration initiatives:

  • Develop a digital export strategy

  • Identify local partners and buyers 

  • Enhance marketing / media exposure overseas

Robotics Engineers
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Global expansion private agencies

International soft landing agencies act as invaluable partners for businesses seeking to expand globally. Their comprehensive support services help companies overcome the initial hurdles associated with entering a new market, fostering a conducive environment for growth and success

Typical top 3 collaboration initiatives:

  • Obtaining market and competitive intelligence

  • Adjust products/services/practices for the local market

  • Identify local partners and buyers

Technology Providers in Brazil

Big Techs and system integrators in Brazil play a crucial role in the information technology and business solutions landscape by providing comprehensive services that involve integrating different hardware and software components into a cohesive system.

Typical top 3 collaboration initiatives:

  • Innovative solutions to generate more client meetings

  • Benchmark existing technology and capabilities

  • Add new technology to the existing portfolio

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Open Innovation Agencies in Brazil

Open innovation agencies in Brazil play an essencial role in fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the integration of external ideas into the innovation processes of organizations. These agencies often facilitate partnerships between companies, startups, academia, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and address complex challenges.

Typical top 3 collaboration initiatives:

  • Bring new ideas and solutions for their clients

  • Advise in the localization of the tech company for the local market

  • Account management alignment between end client expectations and startup

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