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Strength your global presence in Brazil 

Specialized in B2B business between Global Techs and Brazilian Companies

We provide a one-stop go-to-market transferable source of knowledge and services about Brazil so that your international company will compete head-on against domestic organizations with a more established and better understanding of the local environment



Soft landing

Tailored and comprehensive market entry framework designed to assist global companies in effectively initiating their business in Brazil

  • Market Development and Insights

  • Routes to Market

  • Business Development


Scale up

Achieve impactful growth transformations, enabling your organization to deliver significant more value today and in the future for your existing and new clients

  • Account Management

  • Customer Success

  • Country Representative



Organizational restructurings and turnaround confronting substantial revenue, financial, or operational hurdles. From declining performance indicators to loss of key management team or clients

  • Business Plan

  • Sales Engagement Plan

  • Mentoring


Techs for Corporations


Brazilian Companies can now easily collaborate with global innovators to boost business growth and gain a unique global competitive advantage. By working with our team, we will help you go beyond spotting faster new opportunities from different markets and generating value from these emerging new ideas, we will make sure to establish a next-level global collaboration around sustainable results.

Government agencies, Innovation hubs, and local service partners play a fundamental role in providing guidance and strategic business introductions. Our team has special collaboration programs to increase your initiatives capabilities and objectives in the Brazilian Market for your clients.

Alliances with key organizations


About us

Our team and mentors provide in-depth knowledge about specific industries and business-critical functions

Leverage a network of experts in Brazil to help your organization achieve goals and business KPIs at scale. We are proud of not only working with the best talents  "as a service" at a fraction of the cost, but also helping you tackle complex business and technical challenges with professionals from leading corporations, techs, and academic institutions.



The latest enterprise open innovation deal opportunities in Brazil and insights to facilitate your market development locally.

Explore a cross-section of up-to-date content.

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