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About us

Tier 1 team and executive network that spans across various professional and academic institutions. Our full time focus is on ensuring the success of your international expansion in Brazil


Extended local network and Mentors

Our flexible operating model enables collaboration with top-notch local professionals and is committed to ensure that you have the right capabilities in the right place to execute and manage you Brazil growth strategy

Our client's review

Client's experience feedback

Five stars
"I think the most helpful thing was to hear candid insights about partner interactions and expectations. There were definitely some considerations into my own partner program I hadn’t considered that were highlighted in my discussions with Leonard."

Partner Manager, USA

Silicon Labs

Why collaborate with SaaSDE for a common goal?

Our journey started in 2020; when we left our comfortable global corporate careers in the US / Europe and returned to Brazil to establish our firm 100% specialized in global expansion to Brazil that could generate strategic value for our clients by bringing reputation from a trusted advisor, professional experience from leading organizations and global results driven entrepreneurial mindset.



Team and network of former executives from leading companies and Universities in various management, technology, and sales functions. We build trust with end clients while adapting to changes and the upsurge of demands to reach your business's full potential.



Our on going sales and support activities simplifies how your clients will reach, convert and generate value to target customers and partners to achieve a competitive advantage. We design a go-to-market blueprint.

Results Driven


A holistic approach to go-to-market with analytical expertise in allocating and optimizing resources. We believe in the long-term and practice the art of patience. We leverage technology and invest in processes that help drive measurable sustainable growth. 

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