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Country Manager | Partnerships

Country Manager

General management

Fractional Local Country Manager


  • Overseas offices or representation

  • Country legal and financial responsibility

  • Coordinate delivery team and other supporting functions (legal, finance, government and others)

Business Value

  • Focal point in Brazil to build your local business and grow relationships with key stakeholders

  • Plan short and long-term with Business reviews and sales cadence

  • Sales and supporting functions (legal, tax, procurement, finance, and others)


SaaSDE Differentiation 

  • Operate faster, we have a business tech-ready entity - Legal clean, and financially solid ownership – credibility and stability to your business

  • Fraction of traditional OPEX and CAPEX. * A typical monthly cost for a Brazilian entity with legal, tax, and manager will start at US$ 4k/ month

  • Optimize sourcing of suppliers, implementation, and support

Deliverables example






  • Operate a business in Brazil without complexity and lower investment

  • Self-service onboarding

  • Only the basics (end client relationship and level 1), no need for planning, strategy, cadencing, market research, and sales support

  • Passive sales development - Focus on open innovation challenges and inbound
    Lower priority in deals: Flexible timing, not in a hurry to generate or close deals


  • Call alignment with the international government agency from your base country in Brazil

  • Techs aligned with SaaSDE's core industries and ideal client profile

  • Go-to-market material and the platform must be fully localized in Portuguese

  • Pricing information: software, hardware, and services

  • Direct sales (Tech with end customer) or third-party software distributor or financial processing company in Brazil

SaaSDE Differentiation 

  • Ongoing sales coverage operating model, very similar to traditional global tech giants

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